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Alumni Convention: Ian De Luna's Answers

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

What are the most helpful experiences and skills you acquired from being a former JFA CEO and from taking up accountancy?

Looking back, I think I can honestly say being a part of, and leading the UP Junior Finance Association was the best learning experience I had in college. The most impactful lesson I learned from being JFA's CEO was the power of having the passion to dream big, and commitment to make it happen. Countless of times we were told that what we were doing was crazy and impossible to achieve (going around the PH to advocate financial literacy, partnering with the biggest organizations in business, finance and govt, and much more) for a group of college students, but turns out you can pull anything off with passion and unrelenting determination. For accounting, being comfortable with complex numbers, and being attentive to details for a prolonged period of time has helped me cope with the quantitative demands of solving various types of problems

What were the challenges you encountered as the 1st Filipino undergrad hired for Bain & Company Kuala Lumpur both before getting hired and during your first months? Given that everyday is different in a consulting industry, what workflow helps keep you on top of everything?

One of the hardest challenges was having a lot of aspects of your life change simultaneously - from being in a new country, to performing a new role, and being expected to deliver at a new higher standard. In some ways it feels as if you are starting from scratch because past credentials won't help you, and you'll have to start making new friends and meeting new people. To cope with the everyday challenges of work, it is important to spend some time to reflect and keep yourself centered. Change can be frustrating, and there will be times where you feel that you aren't doing enough, but take it one day at a time , and consider this blank canvas as an opportunity to craft your own masterpiece.

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