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Day in the Life of Annika Bautista

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Can you give us a glimpse of a day in life? Which projects challenged you the most and which ones are you most proud of?

Right now, we're in the middle of planning for 2021! So on a day-to-day, I deal with different teams (i.e. regional team, Commercial, Operations, Finance) to map out our ambition for next year and to see if it's something we can achieve with our resources. I'm also doing operational brand marketing. I manage all aspects of the brand - from big picture thinking and strategizing our marketing campaigns to the nitty gritty details of its execution. The content we release, the influencers we work with, and monitoring the performance of our campaigns against sales impact are just some examples.

I'm most proud of the projects with long-term impact, like the planning we're currently doing. I also love working on projects with innovation at its core. For example, earlier this year, we launched an IG filter globally as a mechanism for virtual try-on for our lipstick launch.

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