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Key Questions for Career Planning by Ian De Luna

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

How did you plan your career? What made you choose the industry and company you are working for?

For me, planning your career really boils down to three key questions:

1) Where can I add most value?

2) Where will I grow best?

3) Where will I be valued?

My answer was Bain because:

1) Management consulting was a good match with me as working on the top-of-mind problems of the world's biggest organization matches my passion and skill for problem solving

2) I think working with really brilliant minds from various backgrounds and culture will push me out of my comfort zone and towards a better version of myself

3) What led me to Bain & Co was its amazing culture and dedication to the growth of its people. Being consistently awarded by Glassdoor among the Best Companies to Work In is a testament to how it not only works you hard, but cares for you as well.

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