QIAGEN Manila is executing a focused strategy to build value through profitable growth opportunities in the expanding market for molecular testing in life sciences and healthcare.

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About the Company

QIAGEN Manila is executing a focused strategy to build value through profitable growth opportunities in the expanding market for molecular testing in life sciences and healthcare.

QIAGEN Manila serves more than 500,000 customers around the globe, all seeking answers from the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins. We deliver Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, propelling our customers from start to finish to unlock new insights. This is how we make improvements in life possible. 

Last update: 23 November 2020

Leading the way in molecular testing

Our product portfolio supports our customers across the continuum of molecular testing in the rapidly developing fields of molecular diagnostics and life sciences. From the first important step of DNA, RNA and protein extraction from biological samples, to novel testing technologies targeting single or multiple molecular variants, and software to analyze and interpret the vast amounts of molecular data to deliver valuable insights. Our automation systems bring together all of these steps in seamless end-to-end workflows.


500 core products | 5200 employees

Sample to Insight

We call our strategic framework Sample to Insight. QIAGEN Manila offers advanced molecular testing solutions that move customers through the whole process – faster, better and more efficiently. We identify bottlenecks, solve problems and exceed expectations. It’s who we are. 


Innovation is in our DNA

Our journey started as a spin-off of university research in the early days of biotechnology, developing DNA extraction solutions to help scientists explore the mysteries of DNA. Today, our portfolio has grown to encompass consumables, instrumentation and software solutions touching every part of the molecular testing workflow. Our solutions help our customers on their quest to generate novel insights. 


A global culture

Our people share a collaborative, truly global culture, plus a commitment to making improvements in life possible. Today some 5,200 QIAGEN Manila employees, based in more than 25 countries, provide expertise and service to customers nearly everywhere.


We work passionately and create value for customers, Clients, employees, partners and shareholders; relate to everyone in an open, honest and respectful manner; strive for the best solution possible; innovative and embrace new ideas; and exceed expectations

Contribute constructively to the decision- making process; take ownership of decisions and implement actions; engaged in a learning culture; reflect on personal actions and strive for continuous self-improvement; honor commitments; considerate of my colleagues’ needs and expectations


Demonstrate leadership by exemplifying our vision, goals and identity; empower and encourage employees and colleagues; take ownership, make decisions and be accountable; communicate effectively

QIAGEN Manila (Virtual Tour)
QIAGEN Manila (Virtual Tour)

QIAGEN Manila (Company Structure)
QIAGEN Manila (Company Structure)

QIAGEN Manila (Virtual Tour)
QIAGEN Manila (Virtual Tour)




Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We are committed to continue creating an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to grow and contribute to our progress, regardless of their age, educational background, gender, nationality, physical abilities, race and ethical background, religion, or sexual orientation.

Diverse individuals make better teams

Teams strengthen our organization through the richness of their ideas and opinions. Furthermore, teams outperform and succeed when they are composed of individuals with the widest possible range of personalities, backgrounds, and traits.


Our individuals and teams promote diversity

Individuals and teams alike understand the diverse needs of our customers, identify and realize cross-functional opportunities for our business areas, can quickly adapt to a fast changing environment, respect people’s cultural differences, and include a range of opinions in their thinking to encourage individuals to make a contribution with their diverse experiences and perspectives.


INTERNS for Continuous Improvement/ Transition/Service & Performance Management

The role requires to prioritize daily workload to meet the Department and Corporate goals. He/she should also understand overall business goals and how Accounts Receivable supports these goals.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Finance or any related course

  • 1-3 years experience handling end-to-end AR, cash applications

  • Good communication skills

  • Willing to work in the morning shift

  • Willing to work in McKinley West, Taguig City

The scope of work of the student interns include preparation of project reports to be presented to weekly CI and QBS Excellence meetings, owning the minutes of the meeting from information accuracy, content management and participation in an on-going process improvement project by learning or doing the business process management tools.


  • Currently enrolled in a 4-year Degree Course related to

  • Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Accounting Management or Industrial Engineering

  • High sense of responsibility, can work with minimal supervision

  • Good communication skills

  • Must have a stable internet connection

  • Must be willing to work on the mid-shift schedule


QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Profile)
QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Profile)

QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Mad Libs)
QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Mad Libs)

QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Profile)
QIAGEN Manila - Chiles de Leon (Profile)