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Year 36 ReCAP

Instigating Excellence in 2023

Three years ago, as the world halted, UP CAP emerged as a steadfast force amidst uncertainty. In the face of unprecedented changes and challenges, we stood strong, persevered, and thrived, proving that distance could never cease our spirit of service. Now, with a 36-year legacy, UP CAP continues to exemplify its vision as a force of resilience amidst ongoing change. From only catering to CBA students, we have now evolved to bdrige undergraduates of the School of Economics with our connections to the business community. Ultimately, our lng term vision transcends that of career assistance — we aim to be a robust support system, building a culture of resilience in a dynamic world.

Our journey is marked by our six cornerstone events, the first three of which are: CAPTURE, which launches our year-long direction, unveiling events and co-presenters; CAPABLE, which brings outstanding voices to guide students in the corporate world; andCAPCON, which explores emerging industries, offering insights into new opportunities. 


In 2024, we will see the last three: CAPACITIES, which equips students for the competitive job market. The Career Fair, which connects students with potential employers; and ENCAPSULATE, our culminating event, which celebrates a year of service and excellence through an interactive mixer and insightful talks. 


All of these events continue to shape UP CAP’s commitment to resilience, preparing future professionals into the dynamic landscape of tomorrow. As 2023 has come to an end, let’s see how far we’ve gone across the multiverse.

CAPture 2023

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A stepping stone to success: such is the vision of the whole UP CAP community as CAPture commences the series of long-year activities of the organization. CAPture aims to guide and introduce students to various opportunities that await them. With an intergalactic snowscape as its main theme, the participants are engaged in “Thawing Out the Path” through CAPture’s Gallery Launch, Captivating Audio Tours, Capitalize Talks, Capturing Memories Photo Booth, and Culminight. Aside from these executions, there are also online engagements such as the Batch Wars and raffles for the event to broaden public engagement and attract attendees. 

Through a five-day event execution, the CAPture Gallery Launch peaked at 135 attendees and achieved the targeted metric goal. The event featured insights from the primary sponsor PMFTC, shedding light on the company's sustainability initiatives. The talks, centered around sustainability, not only enriched attendees' understanding of environmental responsibility but also provided valuable insights into PMFTC as a corporate entity. The recently concluded CAPture event not only marked a successful opening for UP CAP events but also set a high standard for future endeavors,” a participant noted. The success of Capture not only showcased UP CAP's dedication to providing practical insights but also set an optimistic tone for future events, reinforcing its role as a catalyst for knowledge, opportunities, and meaningful connections.

CAPable 2023


The CAPable 2023 event, themed "Traversing Through the Depths," unfolded as a vibrant and enriching experience for its attendees. Held over five days from October 23rd to 27th, the event was meticulously planned and executed, presenting various phases aimed at guiding participants through their career growth journey. The essence of the event was to navigate the complexities of career planning, akin to water finding its way along the shore, and to help attendees adapt, flow, and discover their true potential. The event, hosted by key industry players such as PMFTC, Emma, Loreal, Mondelez, Security Bank, Shopee, Huawei, Maya, AdSpark, and Ernst & Young, served as a comprehensive platform for student development.

Phase 1 of CAPable 2023, titled "Little Fish, Big Ocean," took place on October 23rd. It focused on exploring college life, offering valuable insights into college survival and presenting opportunities for undergraduates. The RSVP funnel for this phase saw 383 responses, with 214 attendees actively participating and 146 evaluations submitted, reflecting a strong engagement. This phase culminated in a 100% sponsor attendance, setting a solid foundation for the event.


The following two days, October 24th and 25th, marked Phase 2, "Diving Deeper." This segment emphasized goal setting and career assessment. The first day was dedicated to understanding the importance of setting both short-term and long-term goals for career building. The second day offered a guided Career Assessment Test, aiding attendees in identifying suitable career functions. This phase recorded an RSVP funnel of 454, an attendance of 213, and 178 evaluations, signifying a keen interest in deeper career exploration.


Phase 3, spanning October 26th and 27th, was aptly named "BootCAP Function Talks." This phase involved a series of talks from various industry professionals, covering functions such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Sales, IT/Tech, and Business Development. The engagement level peaked in this phase, with an RSVP funnel of 476, attendance hitting 228, and 201 evaluations. The consistent 100% sponsor attendance across all phases and an EBT evaluation score of 3.62 out of 4, surpassing the target of 3.5, underscored the event's success.


Participant insights revealed the event's impact. The PMFTC Plenary Talk was noted for its personal tips, advice, and insights into the dynamic interplay of luck, failure, and choice in transitioning from college to 'real life.' The Opportunities Crash Course by PMFTC highlighted the importance of internships, differentiating oneself in competitive environments, and building connections. Emma's session delved into the industry's pros and cons, advocating for exploring every opportunity, with an emphasis on quality over quantity in internships and choosing a job that resonates with one's passions. As such, CAPable 2023 emerged as a comprehensive and well-received event, effectively addressing the multifaceted aspects of career development.

CAPcon 2023


CAPCON, a triumph in professional exploration, led students through the transformative journey of Wandering Across the Vast Expanse. The series of events unveiled, navigated, and ventured into realms of opportunity, proving to be a beacon for attendees seeking diverse industry insights. The series of events, including the "Unveiling the Treasures Within: Path-Finder Workshop" and the "Navigating the Dunes of Diversity: Company Conventions," not only attracted 181 and 493 attendees, respectively, but also showcased its inclusive nature by welcoming engineering and social science students alongside business counterparts. CAPCON's success lay in its ability to address both private and public sector perspectives, offering a well-rounded experience appreciated by attendees.

The motivational tips from speakers and the incorporation of peer discussions added an inspirational and collaborative dimension, exemplifying UP CAP's commitment to preparing students for the dynamic professional landscape with a holistic approach.


The "Unveiling the Treasures Within: Path-Finder Workshop" on November 5 facilitated a thorough exploration of various industries, emphasizing leveraging strengths and weaknesses for identifying opportunities. The subsequent "Navigating the Dunes of Diversity: Company Conventions" on November 27, 29, and December 2 provided invaluable insights into diverse industries through company presentations.


Culminating on December 4 with the "Venture Across the Oasis: Mentorship Session," the series allowed intimate interactions between students and company representatives, offering profound insights into industry workings. CAPCON's success lies in its meticulous design, broadening perspectives, fostering connections, and exemplifying UP CAP's commitment to preparing students for the dynamic professional landscape.

As we reflect on the successes of our first-phase events, it's evident that UP CAP's commitment to fostering resilience and professional growth has resonated powerfully with our community. CAPture 2023’s visual spectacle and valuable internship insights, CAPable's focus on goal-setting and career coaching with industry leaders, and CAPCon's transformative journey through diverse industries have set a remarkable tone for Year 36. We invite you to anticipate the upcoming events, including CAPacities, designed to equip students with essential skills, our highly anticipated Career Fair connecting students with potential employers, and the grand culmination, EnCAPsulate. 


Join us in these exciting endeavors as we continue our journey of service and excellence. Your participation and engagement make UP CAP's mission a thriving success. Here's to a year of growth, learning, and forging resilient paths together! For more career-related content, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts:  UP Career Assistance Program on Facebook and Linkedin and upcap_ph on Instagram.

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