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Frequently Asked Questions

How will registration happen?

Answer: For the attendees who answered the RSVP Form, upon entrance, they need to give out their respective UUIDs, which was sent to their email, to the registration ushers. For the attendees who weren't able to answer the RSVP Form, they may answer the Walk-in Form in the event.

Will there be priority lanes for graduating students?

Answer: None. There will be four (4) separate lanes, but they will only be segregated based on the form that the participants answered (ie. RSVP or Walk-in Form).

What can I put in Waze/ Google Maps to locate the venue?

Answer: You can search for the location of Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman.

What is the earliest and latest time that I can drop by?

Answer: The booths will be open from 10:00AM until 5:00PM.

Will Career Fair have lunch breaks wherein no one can enter?

Answer: No, you may enter anytime between 10:00AM to 5:00PM. However, there may be company booths which don't have their representatives during the lunch time.

Who is the event open to?

Answer: UP CAP’s Career Fairs are open to all undergraduate students, fresh graduates, and other job hunters.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Answer: This event is completely free-of-charge.

How will health measures be ensured?

Answer: Alcohol stands and face masks will be provided to the attendees for free.

Am I allowed to
re-enter the CF venue on the same day?

Answer: Yes, attendees are allowed to re-enter the venue within the day without needing to register again.

What can I find on the CF website?

Answer: The website will act as the main information hub for everyone interested in attending and contains information on the schedule of Events for Zoom webinars and Exhibition Booths as well as links to important resources. The Online Resume Dropbox for all participating companies can also be found on the website.

Where can I find the CF website?

Answer: You may access the website by going to

Hi! I'm interested in your services. Can I find out more?

Answer: Career Fair 2024 is a hybrid nationwide internship and employment fair where students can accelerate their career by joining online webinars and onsite booths of participating company partners in a wide array of industries – from start-ups to leading multinational corporations. Attendees can also network with company representatives, turn in their resumes through the Online Resume Dropbox, and pursue jobs that they’ve been eyeing on.

Hi! Can you share with me more about your packages available?

Answer: For interested company partners, please contact for any inquiries.

For students, follow our Facebook page at to get updates on future events and opportunities.

Am I supposed to accomplish the evaluation form everytime I drop by?

Answer: Answering the evaluation form is not required, but you are highly encouraged to as it will grant you more raffle entries.

How will I be eligible for incentives?

Answer: Students who are qualified for incentives must:
1. Answer the RSVP Form.
2. Comply with at least one of the following:
- Attend at least 2 Online Webinar sessions within one day
- Visit the Onsite Booths for at least 2 days
3. Answer the Evaluation Form.
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