Back in 1987, UP CAP was formed as a student-based organization in the UP College of Business Administration to serve as a link between its graduates and the business community.

Through the years, UP CAP has expanded to cater not only to graduates, but also to the penultimates and to the undergraduates, creating a more holistic Career Assistance Program. Today, the program assists students as early as their first day in the college, until their very last day, when they set out to live their own success stories.

Now, UP CAP has included the UP School of Economics to form the UP Career Assistance Program College of Business Administration  – School of Economics (UP CAP CBA-SE), which serves over 600 students from both colleges.


UP Career Assistance Program serves as a bridge between the university and professional institutions, promoting a high standard of competence among students by providing a holistic approach towards personal and career development with the aid of our esteemed partners.


To be at the forefront of career assistance by providing holistic and meaningful development initiatives rooted in service and excellence.